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Our Company History

A-1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes started in 2009. For ten years, our company has been set apart from the competition because we offer a variety of quality construction services for any size project, residential and commercial, new construction or remodel. Our speciality is drywall: hanging, finishing, texturing, and painting. Over the past ten years we have grown into a well rounded team of hard working professionals that can offer a wider range of services to meet the needs of our customers. We are A-1, we are the premier construction company of the Upper Peninsula.

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Our Values

What sets A-1 apart from the other guys is quality, quality, quality. From the materials we select, to the finished building projects we produce, A-1 offers services that can’t be matched because we will take the extra time, we will do the extra work, and we will get you the best result. From start to finish, we maintain honesty and integrity with all of our customers. Projects are always completed in a timely manner. Our employees work in safe, friendly, and open environments. This isn’t bragging, this is just how we do business.

Keith Bastion: A-1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes Owner

A-1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes

Keith Bastion

Company Owner

Keith grew up in Hancock, MI, and has had the pleasure of watching the city and surrounding area change over the years- in part, his doing. He has been working in the construction industry for 20 years, working on his own for 10, before opening A-1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes in 2009. The company started with just him, and has now grown to a 15-member team.

Serious Education and Background for A-1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes


and Background

The construction business isn’t new to Keith or the A-1 team. Everyone here takes their work seriously and prides themselves on the quality results each construction project produces. Keith alone has 20 years of experience. Combined with his team, there is over 100 years of total experience backing each project they complete. On the job training, apprenticeships, and certification programs are all ways that each employee of A-1 adds value to the team.

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and Certification

Keith holds a State of Michigan Residential Builder License. He and his team are also trained for Locksmithing, H-VAC, Safety Protocol, and other important skills that provide value to the A-1 experience.

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